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Koalas is dedicated to creating fun and cheerful musical experiences for both children and their parents. Koalas’ new approach adds a new musical twist to old children’s rhymes and some of the best children’s songs ever written; creating something that the whole family can enjoy. Music takes us back to a time of innocence and intense imagination with a world free of responsibilities – as well as worries and problems.

We believe that music is the universal language of love and joy. All the songs have been tested along the way by the children in our lives, family and friends; and I give thumbs up.


We all have busy lives and there are many distractions that can take time away from our families. We can help you with practical ideas to encourage you and to inspire you as you face the daily challenges of parenting today. We look forward to sharing and rejoicing with you on your successes. Come with us and we will travel together as our families continue to grow into a loving home filled with laughter and memories that we will cherish for the many years to come.

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