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Directory News goal is to ensure that you, our valued reader(s), have a one-stop online news outlet that covers every major story in all industries and business sectors such as sports, technology, games, as well as is in multiple financial markets such as stocks, shares, cryptocurrency, and FX markets.

All this is to be made available by a multi-platform RSS Feed delivering you news, topics, and opinions in real-time every minute of the day so you stay ahead of the game!

Each topic that our website reports on has been chosen with care so we make sure only the most relevant and up to date stories are displayed. As we are living in a world where markets move fast, politics and views change overnight, and even slight moderations to science can change the facts on any given subject, we endeavour to make sure that we report these changes as they happen.
At this point, our team at Directory News is already sampling how best to deliver the latest news covering every topic presented to you on our popular news site.

Most importantly, we know that you demand accurate and relevant news reports so you can digest, regurgitate or share news by using Directory News as your trustworthy and reliable source. This is why our strategy has been set up so our editors vet every piece of news and deliver news from multiple sources so you get an all-round overview giving you opinions, views, and thoughts from several points of view.
When our news is delivered to you via the Directory News website, we will provide links to Twitter topics, Facebook feeds, YouTube, Reddit, Buzzfeed, and other news as well as social media outlets that have current and trending coverage of the topic in hand.
We will also make sure all sources of news are linked to so if we get our information from CNN, Al Jeezera, or Forbes, you will have a link so you can read the news at its source.

Who Created Directory News?

Directory News was created by a few entrepreneur friends. Our mission is to be the most reliable online news distribution in the world. Our vision is to be known as a trustworthy and reliable online news outlet where all opinions on any given subject are voiced in one place.

Our team is made up of likeminded individuals that also, like you, have been searching for a reliable place where multiple news stories covering trending topics offer a difference of opinion. We know that knowledge is power and by being able to put all the facts together in one place, we can make our judgements.

Of course, to achieve our mission and vision we have considered how best to deliver news to you, how to ensure that our content is visible on mobile devices as well as all other devices that connect to the internet with web surfing abilities.
On top of this, we want to make sure you can connect to Directory News and its news stories via multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and all other popular social media networks.

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