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Blog which will provide you with information and news about the latest games and reviews from various gaming genres and on all platforms. It will also contain gaming tips & hacks as well as game cheats for visitors. Check out Gamerz Clash today for the latest connection to the gaming world.


Imperia Online – Medieval multiplayer strategy
Join millions of players online in this ultimate medieval strategy! Be the king of your empire and rule the kingdom! It’s time for war!


If you miss a bubble (the game counts a miss if you don’t remove any bubbles). You will remove one bubble from your miss counter (the grey bubbles in the bottom left corner). Once this counter is empty (after 5 missed bubbles) there will be formed a new row on top. This moves the whole bubble field 1 row down. This can get you in trouble really fast. So keep an eye on the miss counter and make sure you won’t go to low. If the bubbles touch the bottom of the screen you are game over.


Every weekday, we post a party, or gift, or a kid/parenting related tip found somewhere on the web.

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